Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program

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Regional NELP will take place May 29-31, 2019 in Salida. 

NELP at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs, CO, August 19-22, 2019

El Pomar Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program (NELP) trains nonprofit CEOs and executive directors to effectively manage and lead extraordinary nonprofit organizations. It is a customized leadership development program offered to Colorado nonprofits through two unique programs: NELP at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) and Regional NELP. NELP helps leaders in the nonprofit sector to produce better results, maintain and sustain healthy relationships, and grow their organizations. NELP at CCL targets larger organizations with budgets over $750,000. Regional NELP supports leaders of rural nonprofits with budgets under $750,000 and rotates to a different region of Colorado each year. Financial support from El Pomar Foundation allows nonprofit executives to participate in these exemplary programs for a small portion of the actual cost.


The Details

Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program - Center for Creative Leadership

This program is for nonprofit executive directors, presidents, and CEOs with five or more years of nonprofit experience who are leading Colorado-based organizations with operating budgets of more than $750,000.  The program occurs annually at the Center for Creative Leadership in Colorado Springs. The Center for Creative Leadership offers world-class training to managers and leaders seeking a variety of developmental experiences. To date, over 350 nonprofit executives have taken advantage of this customized program at the Colorado Springs campus. Applicants must intend to remain in their current position for at least one year. There is an application process and a registration fee for the program. 

The cost of the CCL program is $900.

Regional Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program

The 2019 program is designed to accommodate up to 20 nonprofit executive directors from the Central Peaks Region who are currently leading organizations with operating budgets under $750,000.  There is an application process and nominal fee. A Central Peaks nonprofit is defined as any nonprofit headquartered and providing services in one or more of the following counties: Chaffee, Custer, Fremont, and Park. Depending upon the number of applicants, the program may be opened up to organizations across the state.

The cost of Regional NELP is $400.

Apply for NELP at CCL

Applications due Friday, June 14th 


NELP at CCL Application

Apply for Regional NELP


Check back next year for the 2020 Regional NELP application! 

What They're Saying

 “This was a profound week and will have a positive impact at work and home.” 

2014 NELP Alumni, Megan Wilson, Executive Director, Reach Out and Read Colorado

“The NELP program from CCL and El Pomar was far and away the most valuable training program I have ever attended. I've never encountered a program with such thorough and personalized feedback, combined with a look at the deeper, internal and psychological factors involved in successful leadership development.”

2013 NELP Alumni, Tony Shawcross, CEO, Open Media Foundation

“I learned to identify and embrace my leadership qualities. Taking on a new role immediately following this invaluable program allowed me to adopt strategies necessary to be successful as Executive Director. I have made a conscious effort to allow myself to be vulnerable, open up and actively listen to other people’s ideas, concerns and contributions.” 

Regional NELP 2014 Alumni, Kathleen Merritt, Executive Director, Bright Futures

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Regional Nonprofit Executive Leadership Program (NELP) in Stratton