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Wolf Creek Pass, CO

Competitive Grants

A private general purpose foundation El Pomar accepts applications from 501(c)3 organizations serving the state of Colorado in the areas of arts and culture, civic and community initiatives, education, health, and human services.

El Pomar's Funds

Throughout the years. El Pomar has either developed or been entrusted with the stewardship of a number of other funds; some funds are open for application while others are by invitation only. You will find the mission, history, and guidelines for El Pomar's additional funds here.

Regional Partnerships

All 64 of Colorado's counties are represented by the members of our 11 Regional Councils. These community leaders from across the state advise El Pomar's Trustees and recommend grants based on their knoweldge of issues in their communities.

Penrose House

Available free of charge to 501(c)3 nonprofits and governmental equivalents. Built on the site of the Dixon Apple Orchard, the Penroses' historic home is open for strategic meetings, seminars, and trainings.