The Fellowship 

One of the best post graduate experiences in Colorado, the Fellowship is dedicated to developing future leaders and committed to executing the mission of the Foundation

Developing the whole person with skills to serve a lifetime

Developing leaders who bring innovative solutions to problems

Developing those who seek the responsibility of leadership

Developing broad networks among leaders in Colorado

The Fellows

As recent college graduates Fellows come from a variety of educational backgrounds, business, liberal arts, hard sciences, and a wide array of professional experiences.


Driven to succeed, and dedicated to self-improvement, Fellows contribute to all of El Pomar's programs.

Meet the Fellows

The Experience

The Fellowship is a two year hands-on continuing education opportunity that combines on-the-job training with a solid background in leadership theory. 


Participants develop career and leadership skills that will serve them in business, government, academia and the nonprofit sector. 

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The Fellowship is a program management position complemented by continuing education focusing on preparing Fellows for their next career move.


Interested in becoming a Fellow? Set up up an informational interview with a current Fellow.

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Alumni Network

The alumni network features more than 250 leaders in public, private, and nonprofit sectors across the country.


Alumni support Fellows through professional mentorship, and remain a broad personal and professional network well after completing the Fellowship.

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