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What’s the Cost of Your Tweets?


We like to think of social media as an easy, free set of tools for nonprofit organizations wanting to spread their message. But are your organization’s Facebook likes and Twitter followers really free? Nonprofit Technology Network’s (NTEN) recently released 2012 Nonprofit Social Networking Benchmarking Report sheds light on how much a Facebook like or Twitter follower really costs, and provides some helpful information for nonprofits seeking to maximize their online presence.

In a post on the Netwits ThinkTank, Frank Barry shares six key findings from the 2012 report:

  • 98% of respondents have a Facebook page with an average community size of over 8,000 fans
  • Average Facebook and Twitter communities grew by 30% and 81% respectively.
  • Average value of a Facebook like is $214.81 over 12 months following acquisition
  • 73% allocate half of a full-time employee to managing social networking activities
  • 43% budget $0 for their social networking activities
  • The top 3 factors for success are: strategy, prioritization, and dedicated staff.


Be sure to check out the report here, as well as Barry’s fascinating infographic on the Netwits blog.