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What Google Won't Tell You About Myers-Briggs


Dakota Sandras

I am an ENFP. I’m curious, perceptive, and tend to be seen as personable, creative and spontaneous. Sara, the Awards for Excellence intern, is an INTJ. She is conceptual, objective, goal-oriented, and is often seen as reserved and independent. We are obviously pretty different, but we have learned how to be a great team in part through the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop administered by El Pomar Senior Vice President Cathy Robbins.

I could go on forever about the MBTI test and its impact on us as interns, But, quite frankly, you just could Google search “Myers-Briggs” and get a good idea of how useful the test can be. What will not appear in the search results is that the Myers-Briggs workshop shows how El Pomar invests in our success as interns.

The MBTI workshop is one class of many in the El Pomar internship professional development curriculum. In just seven weeks, we have learned about investments and the stock market, sustainability, energy and nutrition, workplace values, leadership, personality types, working well with others, etiquette, networking, and business writing. Of course this is on top of the experience we each gain in our particular roles each and every day.

Think of today’s average intern. Unfortunately, many are underutilized and underpaid (if paid at all), and gain little except for a few sentences on a resume and hopefully a few networking opportunities.

That is not the case at El Pomar. Besides being a paid position, the program’s professional development curriculum is thoughtfully designed to prepare us for success in future careers while contributing in a meaningful way to the Foundation’s day-to-day work.

No matter where you go, interns (and staff) are expected to invest their time, effort, and energy into their jobs. At El Pomar, I feel blessed to have found somewhere that invests the same back into its employees. While I still have five weeks left to give it my best effort, I feel like I will have a hard time giving as much to the Foundation as it has given to me.

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