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Using Celebrity (and Technology) for Good


In March, we discussed the trend of corporations using crowdsourced philanthropy as a way to more actively engage the public in their philanthropic efforts.  Recently, the concept of crowdsourced philanthropy has been taken one step further. uses crowdsourcing to find amusing tasks for celebrities to do. In return, users pledge to donate money to a charity if the celebrity completes the odd task. If the celebrity refuses, the donors do not have to pay.

Last week, the group announced its first major success. Larry David, the creator of “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and first target, joined Twitter. In his first tweet , David stated: “I was told by Charity Bribes if I Tweeted they’d give 10k to the NRDC (National Resources Defense Council). Pay up!”

For its next feat, the group is trying to get comedian Conan O’Brien to interview a guest on his show wearing an eye patch and a black turtleneck while holding a pipe.

Not a fan of Conan O’Brien? Go to to help pick next month’s bribe. The current leader is an idea to have Morgan Freeman spend an afternoon narrating user-submitted animal videos.

Read more about’s efforts on the Nonprofit Quarterly’s philanthropy blog.