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The Wetmore Community Building: DOLA, El Pomar grants to fund 1928 structure

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W.A. Ewing, Wet Mountain Tribune

Some years ago, County Commissioner Lynn Attebery asked community leaders in Wetmore to “dream big,” to “think big.” Efforts to refurbish Wetmore’s 1928 school building, a much used but aging community hub, had been going on for decades. Attebery however, was aware of the financial support these efforts might receive from grant programs within Colorado’s Department of Local Affairs (DOLA). “We are excited and amazed,” says Nan Davenport, director of the Wetmore Community Library, housed in the historic structure. She is referring to the $415,000 grant DOLA recently awarded Custer County for the upgrading project. (...)

El Pomar Foundation has donated $15,000 to the modernization project, and, with Attebery’s guiding hand, additional grant applications are being submitted by the newly rejuvenated community group...

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