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Stories of Impact: Partners Mentoring Youth


Erika was the 14 year-old child of a single mother. She struggled in school due to a learning disability and poor language skills in both English and Spanish, and she was at a high risk of dropping out and teen pregnancy. In the face of these challenges, Partners Mentoring Youth helped Erika imagine a brighter future for herself.

Partners Mentoring Youth supports teens facing personal, social, and academic challenges by pairing them with positive adult role models. The program allows the youth to engage in one-to-one mentoring relationships. Role models work with teens to help them develop important character traits for school achievement by fostering improvements in self-esteem, confidence, and future thinking. The mentorship program builds strong relationships and stronger communities.


When Erika entered the program and began meeting with her mentor, Nanci, she was exposed to new opportunities for finding success. Erika began volunteering at Beads for Life where she organized a food drive for the humane society in addition to planning fun social activities for her peers.  Through her volunteering experience, Erika found a new purpose and a new path. After she started in the mentoring program, Erika’s teachers noticed significant improvement in her grades and her overall performance.


Thanks to Partners Mentoring Youth, Erika is once again on a trajectory for success, and she is not alone. In 2012, Partners Mentoring Youth changed the lives of 29 other youth in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Estes Park. If you would like more information on Partners Mentoring youth, please visit


This blog seeks to share stories of impact from across Colorado through our grantees. Email us at and tell us how people in your community have been impacted by the work you do.