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Stories of Impact: ChildSafe

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For a child who has suffered abuse, the future can feel bleak, even impossible. It can be difficult to trust adults again and often times, children turn to substances or other destructive behaviors to cope with the trauma they experience.

ChildSafe, a nonprofit organization based in Ft. Collins, was founded in 1986 out of a need for a comprehensive community-based response to child sexual abuse. Strong support networks play an integral part of the healing process for kids and their families, allowing them to move forward towards a better life. Last year, 593 clients were impacted through treatment and group therapy.

As one eight year old client said, "I have learned that the abuse was not my fault, and by other girls sharing their stories, I have learned to trust again." ChildSafe connects clients to the people and resources they need to understand their situation and move forward. The impact of the sessions is startling, and can change the trajectory of a young person’s life. One teen commented, “I can smile at myself again and be happy with who I am. I was very depressed at first and now I’m happy and coming out of my shell.”

The programs at ChildSafe help clients feel empowered, develop and maintain healthy boundaries, lead balanced healthy lifestyles, and no longer rely on addicting behaviors such as drug or alcohol abuse. Thanks to ChildSafe, many children now lead healthy, productive lives- very different from the reality they would face without the support of ChildSafe and its programs.

This blog seeks to share stories of impact from across Colorado through our grantees. Email us at and tell us how people in your community have been impacted by the work you do.