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Stories of Impact: Angel Baskets

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Joanna French

For many outsiders, Telluride brings to mind luxurious ski homes and five star restaurants.  Yet, the reality for many people is far less glamorous.  For many families struggling with poverty, Angel Baskets can provide a helping hand and a step towards self-sufficiency.

Angel Baskets is an entirely volunteer run organization that seeks to provide food, clothing and other necessities to individuals who are struggling financially in San Miguel County, the west end of Montrose County and the Dove Creek area of Dolores County. Since it was founded in 1981 with the aim of providing food to eight local families, Angel Baskets has grown immensely. Each year, Angel Baskets assists hundreds of families through four programs: The Food Program, The Elder Apothecary Program, The School Supply Program and The Holiday Program. These programs collect and distribute goods ranging from pharmacy gift certificates for low-income seniors to gifts for children during the holiday season. The programs utilize donated space to organize donated goods and distribute them to families in need.

One of the families assisted by Angel Baskets writes, “I'm so glad I know who to thank for all the wonderful food we get. My family has benefitted so much from your kindness & generosity. Life is hard and kindnesses like yours help us keep our chins up. My husband & I are both disabled. We have two teenagers & my husband is a former Marine. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I can never repay you for your kindness.”

Thanks to The Food Program through Angel Baskets, this family received the assistance they needed to feed their family. Each month, The Food Program provides food to more than 500 through three regional food banks in Telluride, Norwood and Dove Creek/Egnar. Families receiving food donations are provided up to five days’ worth of meals per individual per month. Thanks to Angel Baskets, families struggling financially in San Miguel, Montrose and Delores Counties know that they have somewhere to turn to help get their basic needs met and that truly cares.

This blog seeks to share stories of impact from across Colorado through our grantees. Email us at and tell us how people in your community have been impacted by the work you do.