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Standing Behind the City for Champions


Beau Kelly

I love sports, and I love to win. So it is natural for me to desire a home in the City for Champions. I am a third generation resident of Colorado Springs, and I love this city.  I love the beautiful scenery, the active culture, and the people. I think our city has a bright future, and it can only improve for generations to come with the four projects outlined in the City for Champions proposal.

The City for Champions proposal symbolizes a grand vision for our community. This vision will attract young professionals and retain the ones who already live here. This vision will put Colorado Springs on the national map for the Olympic Movement and amateur athletic events. This proposal promises to give our community direction; it is a rallying cry for the citizens, and it is poised to set a new foundation for the future of a community with an enormous amount of potential.

I had the opportunity to hear fellow community members speak about the City for Champions proposal in front of the Colorado Economic Development Commission last Wednesday. I left feeling inspired about the direction of our city and the people organizing the City for Champions movement.  Almost everyone who spoke at the forum wanted the proposal to pass for the improvement of this community. The supporters spoke of big dreams and big plans for Colorado Springs, and these dreams and plans start with the passage of this proposal.

The leaders in Colorado Springs want this city to thrive, and I am standing right behind them.