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Reflections from LeadershipPlenty

Tags: Emerging Leaders Development

All communities contain an untapped pool of people with the potential to improve their own lives and the lives of those around them. This idea is the driving force behind LeadershipPlenty, a leadership training program designed to empower individuals to “think in new ways about who can be a leader, how diverse leaders can work together effectively, and what action they can take.” Rather than focusing on issues and problems in communities, LeadershipPlenty recognizes that the key to long-term success is identifying community assets and mobilizing them to be positive forces for change.

In mid-August, leaders from the Emerging Leaders Development Program, El Pomar Fellows, and two individuals from the Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders gathered for a two day LeadershipPlenty workshop.  Fellows learned valuable lessons in leadership from ELD members’ rich experience in the professional world and community service. Similarly, ELD participants gained from hearing the experiences of their peers while building on their own history of leadership.

The workshop, facilitated by El Pomar Senior Vice President Matt Carpenter, provided participants with both a theoretical framework of leadership and a practical set of skills and practices to apply in the future. Topics ranged from how to facilitate an effective meeting to best practices for resolving conflict.  Participants left with concrete skills to improve their leadership styles.

Select reflections from Emerging Leaders Development Program Participants:

“A wonderful time for leaders of all capacities to come together and learn from each other. Many people overlook the fact that leadership is not about a title, it is more so about utilizing your abilities to facilitate progress in and around your own sphere of influence.”

“It was thorough, informative and of course, reflective. I enjoyed meeting the diverse group of participants and working through the modules with many of them... fascinating to listen to the differing perspectives and challenging to try to give everyone a voice.”

“I loved the fact that we didn't just talk about leadership, we practiced it… I am more hopeful and optimistic about growing in my own leadership in a way that can bless my community.”

Select reflections from El Pomar Fellows:

“My favorite part of Leadership Plenty was the chance to get to know other leaders in the Colorado Springs and Colorado community who are passionate, motivated, and eager to become better leaders.”

“I know now that one need not be one of history’s greats in order to be a great leader. I also know that leadership –true leadership – does not come from name or title. It comes from action … It is the actions we take in our daily lives that make us leaders. It is the ways in which we utilize the people and resources available to us.”

Select Reflection from Washington Fellows:

‘Attending the LeadershipPlenty Training was fastening my belt toward my leadership journey. A journey where I am willing to lead, train, coach and mentor my community, so that one day I will see my community, country, continent and world prosper. The two day session was thoughtful and full of resources that a young leader needs to shape her/his world and successfully engage her/his community.”