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Local Food Week Organization Feature: Colorado Springs Food Rescue

Tags: Internship

Andy Post, Internship Class of 2014

As the harvest season descends upon Colorado Springs, the Local Food Movement is in full swing. This week Colorado Springs celebrates Local Food Week, featuring a rich concentration of events seeking to bring the food economy, from cultivation to compost, back to the local community. Colorado Springs has witnessed an explosion of businesses and organizations focused on restoring the food system to promote the health of economy, community, and natural resources.

Among these organizations is Colorado Springs Food Rescue (CSFR). This student-led nonprofit  rescues food restaurants and grocers would otherwise throw away and delivers it to organizations dedicated to redistributing food to those in need. The novelty of this food redistribution model is the just in time delivery system. Using bike trailers and a fleet of dedicated volunteers, the program ensures food arrives at recipient organizations safely and efficiently. CSFR focuses on healthy, fresh, perishable foods that are often inaccessible to those in need.

In just under a year, the organization has rescued over 25,000 pounds of freshly prepared food and produce at a cost of under 20¢ per rescued meal. CSFR has forged strong relationships between numerous donating and receiving organizations, including Bon Appétit, Colorado Springs Rescue Mission, The Marian House, the CC Community Kitchen, Urban Peak, Seeds Community Cafe, Asian Pacific Market, and more. The organization recently partnered with Atlas Preparatory School for its first grocery program, designed to deliver fresh produce to low income communities.

CSFR is one of the many organizations uniting around the local food movement. Don’t pass up the opportunity to engage in the future of the food cycle in Colorado Springs during this year’s Local Food Week. To learn more, visit the bike-powered smoothie blender at the Food Medley event this Saturday from 4-7pm on Donald Autrey field at Colorado College.