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GOCO Inspire Initiative awards $13.5 million to six pilot communities

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Jason Blevins, The Denver Post

LEADVILLE — Lake County’s No. 1 export used to be molybdenum.

Now, says county commissioner Mike Bordogna, it’s kids. They just don’t stick around this former mining town, which is ringed by some of Colorado’s most picturesque mountains, meadows, lakes and trails.

“We need to show our kids why this is the greatest place in the world to live and give them a reason why they want to come back here and finish their educations and start businesses and invest in this community,” Bordogna said.

Great Outdoors Colorado is giving Leadville and Lake County a big boost toward connecting kids with outdoor opportunities and, perhaps, helping them to become invested in their high-altitude hometown.

Leadville is getting the largest piece — $3 million — of the $13.5 million GOCO said on Thursday will be distributed to six Colorado communities through its pioneering Inspire Initiative grant program. The grant program is focused on getting kids into the outdoors, using trails, recreation centers and education programs to foster the deep appreciation for wild-land recreation that permeates so much — but not all — of Colorado.

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