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From the Grants Office


As we begin the 77th year of service at El Pomar Foundation, the Trustees often look back at what has transpired over the past year to guide them into the future. 2014 was a busy year with more than 870 requests from across the state representing all of El Pomar’s 11 regions in Colorado. We received requests from organizations in 58 of Colorado’s 64 counties and learned much about the programs and support nonprofits provide to those communities. Over the course of 2014, the Trustees approved 643 grants to directly impact the people of Colorado in 54 counties across the state. Over the past eleven years, the Trustees have increased their focus on supporting organizations in rural Colorado and last year, 47% of grants approved supported rural communities.

In line with the wishes of El Pomar Foundation’s founders, Spencer and Julie Penrose, the Trustees continue to partner with organizations in a variety of ways including general operating support, program support, and capital grants.

While El Pomar’s grant guidelines will not consider capital requests exceeding $100,000, the Trustees approved 75 capital grants in 2014. These grants supported projects throughout the entire state of Colorado.

Mr. and Mrs. Penrose founded El Pomar Foundation as a general purpose foundation that supports many different aspects of Colorado communities. The Trustees have remained true to the wishes of the Penroses by providing grants to support a variety of Colorado nonprofits in the areas of Arts and Culture, Civic and Community, Education, Health, and Human Services. In 2014 and similar to the previous five years, 44% of the grants the Trustees approved were in support of health and human service organizations providing direct services and care for individuals and families.

From explaining El Pomar’s grant guidelines, walking grant seekers through the online application process, or reviewing final reports at the conclusion of a grant, it has been an honor for the El Pomar Foundation Grants Office to work with so many nonprofits from across the state of Colorado. While it is unfortunate that the limitation on available resources does not allow the funding of many significant and worthwhile requests, El Pomar Foundation appreciates the efforts thousands of organizations are making to impact Colorado and ensure our communities are a great place to live.

As your organization considers submitting an application to El Pomar Foundation in 2015, please take the opportunity to contact us at 1-800-554-7711 or to read El Pomar’s grantmaking guidelines on our website (