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Fellows as Kids

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El Pomar's Fellowship is built around the idea that outstanding organizations and communities don't just happen--they evolve when great potential meets great leadership. The focus of the Fellowship is on cultivating the next generation of leaders in the state of Colorado. We are looking for recent college graduates from all educational backgrounds (business, liberal arts, hard sciences) and a wide array of professional circumstances and experiences. Fellows bring a variety of viewpoints and skills to their work at El Pomar.

The Fellowship is a hands-on experience that combines on-the-job training with a solid background in leadership theory. Fellows learn everything from marketing and development to management and leadership--and they go on to become nonprofit CEOs, public officials, graduate students, and business executives.

The deadline to apply for the 2015 Fellowship is January 20th.

To learn more and apply, click here.

The Fellowship is about developing tomorrow’s leaders. But to lead, you have to look back – way back. Read on for photos of our current Fellows then and now, and click the links below each Fellow to learn more about them and their roles at El Pomar.

Kalen Acquisto

Learn more about Kalen here.

Charlie Andrews

Learn more about Charlie here.

Samantha Barlow

Learn more about Samantha here.

Molly Brown

Learn more about Molly here.

Ashley Cornelius

Learn more about Ashley here.

Cecelia Crossen

Learn more about Cecelia here.

Joanna French

Learn more about Joanna here.

Zoe Goodman

Learn more about Zoe here.

Devanie Helman

Learn more about Devanie here.

Eric Hopfenbeck

Learn more about Eric here.

Paige Hupy

Learn more about Paige here.

Beau Kelly

Learn more about Beau here.

Nathan Mackenzie

Learn more about Nathan here.

Colin McCarey

Learn more about Colin here.

Jordan Miranda

Learn more about Jordan here.

Marissa Moreschini

Learn more about Marisa here.

Allie Romo

Learn more about Allie here.

Suzanne Scott

Learn more about Suzanne here.

Hannah Staller

Learn more about Hannah here.

Matt Weigel

Learn more about Matt here.