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Empty Stocking: Urban Peak gives youth a support system

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Libby ran away from her home in Castle Rock when she was 17, and she eventually was homeless and pregnant - then her baby was taken because she was homeless. Department of Human Services told her that if she wanted a chance at getting her child back, she had to go to Urban Peak.

"I was homeless for almost a year before I came to Urban Peak," Libby said.

Urban Peak works to help youth who are either homeless or at risk of becoming homeless through necessary services and a safe community so they can become self-reliant adults.

"The people there are wonderful, and I don't know what I would've done without Urban Peak at all," Libby said.

She came to Urban Peak about two years ago, and has been back, off and on, ever since. Libby said they helped her learn the importance of being stable and indoors if she wanted to create a good life for herself and her child.

"They have helped me with a lot of coping skills and how to survive in the real world in a safe way," she said.

Urban Peak has supported Libby in finding multiple jobs, and now she works at a Colorado Springs restaurant.

"I am trying to make a life for my new child that I'm about to have," she said. Her first son was adopted by family friends.

Libby lived at Urban Peak for a year before found her own place to live. She now goes to Urban Peak a few times a month for help with hygiene supplies and bus passes. She also works with staff to put together a resume and find a second job.

"The staff are really good to talk to," Libby said. "They've helped me a lot with my coping skills and with just having someone to listen to me. I've gone through quite a bit over the last few years."