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Awards for Excellence Recipient Congratulates Staff and Volunteers

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El Pomar distributed more than $200,000 in grants through Awards for Excellence last week. One winner, Denver School for Science and Technology, discussed the award on its own blog, thanking volunteers and staff for their hard work. CEO Bill Kurtz also used the post to ask for staff input on innovative ways the $25,000 unrestricted funds that went with DSST’s award could be used to make the standout school an even better place to work.

…For many in Colorado and the nation, DSST is synonymous with excellence thanks to our extraordinary team. As Shaun Bryant, our Director of Technology stated in a home office morning meeting this week, he works at DSST because every single member of the DSSTPublic Schools team is exceptional. He continued by saying that he had never, in all the high-performing companies he has worked in (Webex, Sun Guard, ManiaTV), been a part of team where everyone is exceptional. I could not agree more.

Thank you for volunteering to be on our team and for the great work you do day-in and day-out on behalf of our students and families. Your excellence is being celebrated.

I am committed to using a portion of this award to make DSST a great place to work. I would love your input. Please comment on the blog with your ideas!

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