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1st Year Fellow Series: Kacie Adair's Perspectives on Colorado

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1st Year Fellow Series: Kacie Adair's Perspectives on Colorado

By Kacie Adair

Colorado has a wealth of untold stories that shape its history. Many of these stories are about families, individuals and communities. My family’s untold story began with my great grandparents. They met in Denver, married and moved to Southern Colorado with a dream of owning land, raising cattle and sustaining their family off the land through hard work. It was never easy, but with a lot of determination, they managed to make that dream a reality.

Today, I am proud to say that I come from a long line of cattle ranchers. My family still works in pursuit of my great grandparents’ dream that has since become our own. Each of us has given countless hours to maintain their vision, and in turn, we take great pride in what our family has built in Southern Colorado.

This upbringing has fostered in me a great appreciation for the hard work that the residents of rural Colorado invest, and at times, endure, every single day. It takes a certain amount of grit to operate a cattle ranch, and I believe that grit is ingrained in the people of rural Colorado. From this perspective, my decision to serve Colorado and its people was an easy one to make.

Rural Colorado has made me the person that I am, so I believe I owe it to families like mine to represent them on any scale. I owe it to all the little girls and young women growing up on ranches to be their voice and to show them what is possible. I owe it to them to fight for their families and for their way of life. That being said, I also owe it to myself to learn about everything else Colorado has to offer. I owe it to myself to find ways to develop as a leader, a community member and an individual.

It was with this sense of heritage and responsibility in mind that I applied to El Pomar Foundation. Here, I have found a place that honors all parts of Colorado and gives me an opportunity to fight for rural communities while learning about urban communities. El Pomar Foundation makes me feel like I can make a difference every single day. It is pretty special to be part of an organization that strives to enhance, encourage and promote a place that I love. Perhaps, one day down the road, one of my descendants will look back and want to tell my untold story, a story about how I helped shape the great state we live in and contributed to the well-being of its residents.

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Kacie Adair joined El Pomar Foundation as a member of the 2020 Fellowship class. As a Fellow, Kacie works on Fellowship Recruiting, the Julie Penrose Award, Hundred Club and Investment Challenge. Additionally, Kacie supports the Metro Region. Read more about Kacie here