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1st Year Fellow Series: Danielle Hendrix Rediscovers a Sense of “Home”

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1st Year Fellow Series: Danielle Hendrix Rediscovers a Sense of “Home”

By Danielle Hendrix

28 years ago, my parents made the decision to move to Colorado Springs; my mom had a new job and my dad saw limitless possibilities. They packed up everything they owned and decided to begin their new marital lives 6,035 feet above sea level, surrounded by mountains, and make it their permanent home. By the time my sister and I entered the family photo, my parents were deeply involved in the Colorado Springs community. Alongside my family, I found my sense of home and my dedication to helping others living in the 80916 zip code. The 18 years I spent there, surrounded by friends, family and countless opportunities, instilled in me the importance of finding my passion and using it to benefit my community. I learned that while it is important to excel at whatever you pursue in life, the most important part of that greatness is giving back and creating a path or an opportunity for others.

During my four years attending university in Iowa, I realized one key thing that led me right back home and inspired me to explore El Pomar Foundation’s website. The spark that drove me home was the abundance of love and admiration I had for the Colorado community and my desire to play a role in continuing to make Colorado the beautiful place that so many before me have diligently cared for. El Pomar Foundation is a place of perpetual learning and visionary leadership that has made an incredible impact in Colorado. The Fellowship was the key to entering this space of influential voices.

My parents spent my first 18 years moving our family around southeast Colorado Springs, and I could never understand why we never lived anywhere else. This question resurfaced for me when researching El Pomar’s history and why Julie and Spencer Penrose, having lived other places outside of Colorado, decided to plant their roots here. Moving away myself, I eventually appreciated the reasoning behind my parents’ choices, seeing it for the first time through their eyes. Colorado has a way of attracting people, and the longer they stay, the more devoted they become to the community. This connection compels me to commit to the community and the people within it, and I have found that there is no one else I would rather see succeed more than the people of this state.

Danielle and aunt resized.jpg
Danielle's early childhood days with her aunt, Cathy